The journey so far…


You could say I live in a dream world. To be honest, you could say we all live in some dream world at some stage throughout the day. And I love it. To me, there is nothing better than getting lost in the throes of a passionate love affair over a hot cup of coffee; or letting my imagination take me to the much revered platform at the Olympics as I win my first, and most definitely not last, gold medal as I huff and puff through my afternoon run. I find nothing more satisfying than considering exactly how much more special life would be if I were out living the elusive, sparkling life of a vampire; or experiencing the exhilarating the freedom of running through undergrowth, trees and jungles surrounded by the beauty of nature as a young, tribal woman; or better yet a sleek, powerful jungle cat. Sometimes the darker side of me shows through, and the redness of anger taints my dreams with a spiteful twist; revenge never tasted so sweet over a tub of chocolate ice cream. I think my favourite dream, however, would have to be those where I am ensconced in my large castle in the sky in my pink fluffy, marshmallow princess dress. My prince charming; the most dashing, handsome and suave man on the whole earth courts me from beneath my high perch in my window seat and I blissfully play the damsel in distress as I wait for all the wonders of the world to simply fall into my lap. Ahh life is sweet in my dreams.

Yes, I get a little carried away with my dreams from time to time. But none more than in the night-time when my unconscious really lets loose and starts to live a little. I wake up each and every day filled with excitement from the night before. Never in my life have I experienced such an adrenaline fueled high from winning zombie battles. Never before have I held so much power in my hands as when I lure men to their deaths in the dark sea – my tail hidden beneath the murky waters of the ocean but my voice; so course in real life; transformed into a dainty and powerful entity that men simply cannot resist. I get to stand on the world stage and receive my Nobel Prize after saving the world from hunger and restored world peace to all our peoples. I mean, who wouldn’t want to get lost in this dream world? And to top it off – most nights, if I’m lucky, I get to finish off my gallivanting and adventures with a romp and stomp with Mr Right (or Mr Right Now as the case may be).

There’s no doubt about it – my imagination runs wild when I leave the constraints of consciousness behind. And I love it. A friend of mine said I should start writing it all down, sharing it with people so they too can have a spark of ludicrousness, laughter or even just rueful skepticism in their day. So I’m giving it a go. Writing and sharing my wonderful, fantastical and slightly worrying dreams with the world. Enjoy!

Photo credit: Beyond Impression

7 thoughts on “The journey so far…

  1. In your Gravatar profile you state at one point ‘ . . . . . and unfortunately, has suppressed a part of who I am and what I desire in life.’ This is not so; just keep your hand lightly on the tiller of your boat of life pointing north and let the currents and the winds of the ocean take you where you need to go. Enjoy your journey through understanding it 🙂
    By the way, welcome to the blog Mo-Ments or Idle Thoughts and explore these writings further in oder to understand the purpose of life.

  2. I too dream big. I’ve lost count of how many demons I’ve battled, passionate love affairs I’ve had and races I’ve run, all whilst sleeping. You really should keep a dream journal – it helps to decipher those wacky dreams you have that result in you waking up and thinking “what the hell?”. Anyway, thanks for following me – nice to know there’s a fellow dreamer out there 🙂

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