What Goldilocks Taught Me


So the past few weeks have been jam packed with work, study, exercise and eating with precious seconds available for rest, relaxation and sleep. It’s been exhausting to say the least and I am more than ready for a bit of a break! So when I hit the hay last night and got swept away on a relaxing weekend away to a cabin in the woods with some close friends I was overjoyed and enthusiastic to keep sleeping and dreaming for the rest of the year.

Perhaps I watched way too much Friends last night as I patiently waited for dinner to cook, or maybe I just have a fascination with Matthew Perry. Regardless, when I entered the secret spot in my head reserved for the kooky and wonderful, it turns out my good mate Matt had built a cabin high up in the trees and had sent me a letter inviting my friends and I to stay for the weekend. And really, who can say no to Matthew Perry and an invitation like that!?!

So off we went.

The car trip seemed long and tedious as Cameron meandered the car around winding bends, up and down steep mountainsides and along the never-ending dusty roads stretching into the wilderness. I’d been exiled into the backseat by the ‘lovers’ and had spent most of the trip listening to their sickly cooing to each other. Ahh, the sweet mating game of little innocent pigeons. I wanted to bang my head against a brick wall within the first five minutes of it – are we honestly all that infuriatingly annoying when in love? Listening to the soft giggle of Ellie’s voice for the umpteenth time as she leaned over and laid her head on Cam’s shoulder did me in. Five hours of this was long enough. I would never, ever, ever be that sickly in love again in front of people. Ever. Sighing, I leaned my head against the cold glass separating me from the icy dusk settling over the landscape. The chill from the window seeped into my head, numbing my thoughts and emotions. The orange blaze of the setting sun illuminated the trees around us; and the small ice crystals starting to harden with the encroachment of night glittered and shone like hidden, beautiful stars throughout the landscape. But it all just seemed flat without my Andy.

“I’m sorry Princess, but I’m just too busy to come this weekend” he’d told me. Too busy my ass. Matthew Perry invited us for gods’ sake; who turns down Matthew Perry? Or any famous person for that matter! Regardless, I was really upset he hadn’t been able to make it. Especially when dealing with the overt displays of affection from lovebirds one and two all afternoon.

“Rise and shine sleepyhead, we’re here!” Ellie called out in a singsong voice starling me from my daze. Lifting my head from against the foggy window, I looked around and realised night had fallen and I had, thankfully, managed to sleep through the last hour of our journey. Yawning, I opened the door and stretched my legs out, startling as the crisp, cold bite of winter nipped at my skin and turned my breath to mist.

“Shit, it’s cold out here,” I mumbled, still trying to wake up.

“Yeah, but lucky me, I’ve got the perfect snuggle buddy!” Ellie giggled, again, as she looked up at Cameron with adoring eyes.

“Yay…” I replied, turning away from yet another over the top display of love, lust and sexual desire and rolling my eyes. A whole weekend of lovely dovey PDA. Just what I needed.

I looked around for where we were meant to stay this weekend, and became entranced by the beauty of what lay in front of me. My eyes trailed along daintily draped fairy lights that wrapped around the centuries old trunks of the trees. There were ladders littering the landscape leading into the dense canopy of dark leaves; some were just bits of rope tied together and draped down; others were full on staircases carved into the trees and ascending into the heavens. The hazy glow of torches illuminated the path ahead of us, and small spotlights near each of the ladders and staircases held the names of the properties. I stood in shock taking in the absolute beauty of what lay before me. Never in my wildest dreams had I imagined I’d end up here.

“This way!” Ellie chirped as she grabbed my hand and pulled me along the path towards one of the carved staircases. As we ascended above the canopy I couldn’t help but stop and stare in shock. The beauty of the ground below had concealed an enormous structure of cabins in the treetops, linked together by small wooden bridges. There were hundreds of them as far as I could see, all lit by a soft yellow glow as they twinkled in the darkness of night. The most magnificent of them all lay in front of us though, and it was with awe and wonder that I began carefully making my way towards the large cabin fit for a princess. Never before had I seen something so inviting.

Entering the room, Ellie and Cameron made a beeline for one of the bedrooms. Looking around, I took in the warmth of the fireplace, the cosiness of the worn in brown suede lounge and recliners, and the bear skin rug draped across the floor. There was an aroma of apple and cinnamon in the air, and I looked around to see a freshly baked pie sitting in the middle of the dining table. This just kept getting better and better!

I slowly made my way towards the first closed door, ready to snuggle in for the night. Slowly swinging it open I shrieked in shock as I took in the two naked bodies moving frantically around the room. Flinging the door closed, I stepped back and moved on the next room.

Knocking gently this time, I eased the next door open, halting as it squealed a little on its hinges. Looking inside I could make out the shadow of a sleeping body sprawled across the large bed. Shutting that door, I turned around and walked back to the lounge room.

What a dud of a weekend this had turned out to be. No Andy, no Matthew Perry and nowhere to sleep. Sighing, I sat on the lounge and pulled my feet underneath me as I gazed into the depths of the fire.

Then came the knock at the door. Sighing, I got to my feet. No way someone else was taking my couch tonight! Opening the door I found myself staring into Andy’s eyes as he smiled and held out a single red rose to me.

“I’d never abandon you princess” he said, smiling.

Laughing I threw my arms around his neck and jumped up to wrap my legs around his waist kissing him passionately.

“I’m so glad you’re here,” I murmured. “I’ve missed you so much”. Kicking the door shut with his foot, Andy carried us down the long hallway I hadn’t dared to venture down after my other experiences into the end room. I’d finally found one that was just right. Adorned with a large four poster bed and scattered with rose petals, he lowered me gently down as he gazed into my eyes.

Goldilocks was right all along – the third time is always the charm!


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