The Girl With Venom in her Smile

I never really thought I had a problem with my local government… Maybe I still don’t. Maybe I just have a problem with some people destroying the serenity of a place I viewed as the most beautiful, wonderful, magical place as a child. Nonetheless, I’m not really sure where last nights dream came from. It was certainly an interesting experience – one that cumulated with me exhibiting some amazing basketball skills that would have seen me shoot straight to pro… too bad I’m uncoordinated and clumsy in real life. At least in my dreams I get to be a star (and a teenager again apparently!) 🙂 Anyway, I hope you enjoy the latest jaunt into my unconscious mind.

This was totally, 100% unacceptable.

Beyond unacceptable.

Pulling out my notepad and pen, I poised myself to write a very strongly worded letter to the council about this situation. Sitting down on the grass on my front lawn to scribe this complaint I found myself lost for words. Glaring at the landscape around me I angrily threw down my pen and stood up. It was the noise that was blocking my flow – this was meant to be my quiet, peaceful place. This was my home; my front yard and the council had turned it into a detour for traffic. Car after car after car sped through my yard, churning up the painstakingly laid and cared for green grass my father had laboured over and demolishing painstakingly arranged flower beds Mum had planted and lovingly tended to. These assholes were disrupting the natural peacefulness and privacy my home afforded me.

I was livid. I couldn’t see through the haze of red blurring my vision. Angrily I picked up the rocks lining the edge of my driveway and started throwing them at the passing cars in anger, screaming out obscenities as they drove through. How dare they violate my home in this way! I couldn’t even let my dog out anymore for fear she’d be hit by a car speeding through her own backyard. All this because of some zoning blunder. Some thick-headed, stupid imbecile in the past stuffed up the zoning and consequently it had just been discovered that a strip of our property still belonged to the council. And like the money hungry, soul sucking lechers they were, they had decided to capitalise on that and use the strip of land running through the middle of our property for their own private needs.

Not. Happy. Jan.

Feeling a hand on my arm, I whipped around to face whoever had dared come near me.

“You can’t change this now hunny,” my friend Nancy murmured soothingly to me. But we have to go, we’ll be late for school. And we’ve got the big game tomorrow too, we really need to practice!” Pulling my hand gently, she started to lead me away from the local traffic thoroughfare.

Sighing I relented, letting her pull me away from the monstrosity that was my home towards the building a few doors down that we were staying in.

Walking up the front, concrete steps we entered the narrow building. The floor creaked under our footsteps, the old wooden panelling on the walls faded and decrepit in the morning sunlight streaming through the small windows. The carpet, once an olive green, clung to the smells of time and scented the air with its unique brand of must, dust and grime. It wasn’t the most luxurious of homes, but it would do for now as we prepared for the upcoming game.

People milled around us, laughing and joking as they prepared for the day. I patiently waited until the bathroom was free, busting to use the toilet. Finally, the fifth person emerged from the staircase leading downstairs to the bathroom and I hurried in before anyone else could intercept it.

Locking the door solidly behind me I sighed in relief. Finally, five minutes alone to relax and get my head back in the game. Lifting the toilet seat, I shrieked as the door from the other end of the room flew open and three people came bursting in.

“Who the fuck are you?” Demanded a tall, willowy girl. “You can’t be here, this is our bathroom!” She exclaimed.

Stammering I tried to tell them to get out, but before I could the young man; her twin by the looks of it; roughly grabbed my hand and yanked me out of the room, pushing me up the stairs and warning us all to stay away from that bathroom. The only bathroom in the house.

Shrieking in frustration, I followed my own group who were all washed, scrubbed and relieved from the house, waddling to keep my own needs under control until we could reach somewhere suitable. This just wasn’t my day.

Walking towards the school, everyone joked and laughed, gearing themselves up for pre-game day at school. We stood outside the gates when we got there, throwing the basketball around until we were ready to enter. Finally calming down and smiling, I moved to the side with Nancy to discuss strategy.

And then I was gone.

The tall guy from the bathroom had literally swept me off my feet as he ran past; throwing me over his shoulder and running away with me. Screaming, I beat my fists against his muscular back to no avail. He was carrying me like I was a feather, and nothing was making him loose his grip.

Finally he placed me in front of another group. His twin and the other rude girl from the bathroom were standing nearby, and unlike my messily dressed conglomerate of friends, this group was all neatly attired in blue uniforms.

An elderly gentleman approached me, smiling softly and offering his hands to me. Gingerly I took them in mine, unsure of what was happening.

“My dear, I apologise for the uncouth way in which Damien here has bought you to us, but I assure you it is for a very good reason.” Pausing to smile reassuringly at me he continued. “We would love it if you could please join us out on the court to represent our basketball team. We understand how much trouble you are having with the council, and we would be more than happy to assist if you’d agree to switch sides and align yourself with us.”

Looking around I took in the neat, organised group of people. Though malice and venom dripped from their eyes I could see the meaning behind their actions. They just wanted to win. And they’d help me if I helped them.

Taking a deep breath I looked back at the old man. “Ok.” I agreed, unable to say any more for the shock of what I had just agreed to.

* * *

The next day was the game. An outsider looking in would have seen one group – a messy arrangement of mismatched boys and girls jovially approaching another basketball game with fun and laughter in their eyes. The other group stood in stark contrast – crisp, fresh and organised in blue and gold uniforms, their eyes hard and unwavering with tones of evil, malice and intent. And standing front and centre of this group was me. The girl now in blue with venom in her smile.



2 thoughts on “The Girl With Venom in her Smile

  1. “Not. Happy. Jan.” Hehe, that line alone narrows down the continents you could be from =)

    The amount of improbably jumping from scene to scene does very well in provingthe dream-like aspect of your writing =)

    • It does doesn’t it 🙂 every time I post and use ‘s’ instead of ‘z’ and it gets underlined Witt hat little red squiggly line I feel like its a glaringly obvious statement of where I’m from!!! Haha. I must say though, the not happy jan advertising slogan was gold!!! Loved it!!! Thank you for reading 🙂

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