Escaping the Onslaught

Plonking my suitcases down beside me I turned to survey the landscape before me – and what a landscape it was! Rolling hills frolicked with blossoming flowers and trees everywhere my gaze travelled. Right in the centre of it all stood an elegant, careful crafted cedar house complete with floor to ceiling windows and the family guard dog stationed out the front. Not that they needed pooch when the screech of my sister ripped through the air as she caught sight of me.

“AHHHHHHH!” Amy screamed as she flew up the driveway and launched her self into my arms. Gasping for breath as her hug squished the air from my lungs, I laughed and hugged her back just as tightly.

“It is so so so so so good to see you” She murmured into my shoulder and she gripped me close to her.

“I know I said back, smiling and relishing the feeling of her physical body in my arms once again. “I can’t believe you moved all the way to America and got married and didn’t invite me!” I exclaimed breaking the hug. “I mean, I’m happy for you and all and this place is just – holy shit it looks incredible. But I was always meant to be there Ames!” Catching myself before I went any further I mentally reprimanded myself. Over and over again I’d gone through it – do. not. guilt. Amy. for. getting. married. without. me. So what do I do? I start guilting her. Watching her face fall I kicked myself again.

“Sorry Ames, I’m so happy for you. I just really miss you is all” I apologised. A soft, watery smile spread across her face.

“Me too.” She replied.

Making our way into her magnificent house I couldn’t help but marvel at her life now. She truly had it all.

“And this is my handsome, sexy, hunk of love husband Brian” she introduced me. Snapping my head back around I realised that whilst I’d been daydreaming and taking in my surroundings Brian had come to meet us in the front foyer.

“Lovely to meet you Brian.” I smiled. And it truly was I thought to myself as I watched them smile blissfully at each other.

After a thorough tour of the house and coffee and cookies with Amy and Brian I finally retreated to the guest room to unwind after my 17-hour flight from Australia. Resting my head back against the fluffy pillow, I closed my eyes and started to drift off into a light sleep.


Startling awake I shot up out of the bed to my feet. What in the world was that? I wondered, standing still and listening out to see if there was anymore noise to come.

“You stupid, lying bitch!” Brian screamed words reverberated through the house, and my blood went cold as I started to move out and give him a piece of my mind. How dare he talk to my sister like that!

Making my way down the stairs to the first floor, I could clearly make out Amy and Brian standing in the kitchen. Brian’s tall and stocky figure loomed over Amy menacingly, whilst she cowered against the sink and cupboards. I hesitated as I watched them for a moment. He wasn’t being violent, was it really my place to intrude? Then the first plate smashed. Followed by another and another as Brian lost his temper and started hurling the plates as through the were Frisbees at Amy.

Running into the kitchen I grabbed my screaming, crying sister who was lying on the floor and hurled her to her feet. Turning back to Brian to give him a piece of my mind I recoiled. His eyes were bloodshot and filled with passionate hate and anger. HE was scary – really scary. He looked out of control.

Without another word, I grabbed Amy’s arm and yanked her out of the kitchen away from Brian. We ran out the front door, down the carefully and perfectly paved driveway out to the main road, not stopping until we reached the town centre.

“Are you ok?” I finally asked Amy, gasping for breath after our marathon run.

“I – I think so.” She hiccuped, tears still streaming down her face in torrents. “I’ve never ever seen him like that.” She said, “it was like he was possessed. That’s not Brian, he’d never even hurt a fly!”

Gritting my teeth I started to look around me for a place we could stay and get cleaned up. Obviously there was a lot Amy didn’t know about Brian, but right here and now probably wasn’t the place to get into that.

“Let’s just find somewhere I stay and –“ my sentence was cut short as I was tackled to the ground, the air whooshing out my lungs for the second time that day as my shoulder hit the asphalt hard. Dazed, I tried to turn around and see who had taken me down and found myself staring into a set of brown, bloodshot eyes tainted with the same evil Brian’s had been. In fact, they looked identical. And this guy wasn’t going to stop, he was going to kill me.

Ignoring Amy’s screams and pleas for help, I started groping the ground around me searching for something – anything – to help me get away from this guy. Eventually my fingers brushed across something cold and hard that had fallen from the crazy mans pocket when he had taken me down and I stretched my fingers until they could firmly grip the object.

Swinging my arm up with all the force I could muster whilst pinned underneath his seething bulk I managed to make contact with his cheek, realising all too late that my mystery weapon was a knife. Blood dripped onto my face and I managed to use the distraction to my advantage and scramble away as he roared in pain. Looking around, I noticed that this wasn’t the only instance of violence of the street. Everywhere people were fighting. There were bodies littering the streets of people who had gone down, others were jumping on cars, ripping their doors off and pummelling the innocent victims inside.

Amy grabbed my hand as I backed up towards her. “We’ve gotta get out of here.” I said firmly to her, not taking my eyes off the horror unfolding in front of me for a second.

Moving towards the docks, we managed to stay undetected. I don’t know if people were past paying attention or they were all too busy fighting it out with each other, but we were able to get away. Jumping into a small tin boat, we fired up the motor and pushed away from the dock. Droplets of water splashed up and attacked our faces as we flew down the channel towards the open waters. The wind whipped past us, taking away the scenes of devastation, horror and violence. We were getting away from whatever epidemic was sweeping the town. How far it had travelled we didn’t know. We had no plan, nowhere to go. But at least we were together.


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3 thoughts on “Escaping the Onslaught

  1. I like that first word – which catches me – ‘plonking’. And then not knowing if it’s a dream or reality and not wanting to know and hoping. Is this a part of a larger work? I reads well stand alone…so I ask.
    Thanks for passing by and following my works.

    • Thanks for reading again 🙂 I really appreciate it. It wasa dream- but it could definitely be the start of something bigger. I’ve got a few of those jotted down and planned out to do when I have spare time…. Upon retirement in another 40 or so yearsthe way I’m going lately!!!

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