Guess Who’s Back…


Brrrring. Brrrring.

The incessant shrill of my phone pierced the calm night, echoing through the empty house to where I sat in the bedroom. Jumping up, I ran down the hallway into the kitchen as the ringing increased and taunted me to reach it before it cut off. Skidding to a breathless holt on the tiled kitchen floor, I made a wild grab for the phone, answering it on its last ring.


“Oh thank god you answered!” Andy cried on the other end of the phone hysterically. “I don’t know where we are, they took us and blindfolded us and now we’re sitting here in the car, tied up, all alone.”

“Wait – what- slow down, what the hell is going on?” I stammered as a cold sense of forbidding flushed through my veins.

“I don’t know!” He answered, “Nathan and I were just out getting some dinner and the next thing we knew, we were tied up in the front seat of this car, staring at rows and rows of cornfields somewhere.”

“Are you ok? Do you have any idea where you are?” I asked frantically. “There’s no cornfields around here at all!”

“Shhh” he whispered anxiously into the phone. “I think they’re coming.”

Standing stock still in the kitchen, I gripped the phone so tightly it cut off any circulation to my fingers. Staring blankly at the wall I held my breath, waiting for what was coming next. I know I need to do something, I mused. But what? Call the police! I decided with a jolt. No, no how can you call the police you silly woman? You don’t even know where they are or who took them! Feeling helpless and worried, I slumped against the kitchen counter and slowly slid towards the floor, numb to the cold seeping through my legs from the cold tiles as I listened intently to the static silence coming through the phone.

“Hello boys” a soft feminine voice floated through the speakers. Sitting up suddenly alert, I pressed the phone harder against my ear as if that would take me to them and save them.

“So sorry about the rough ride. We didn’t mean to scare you. We were just having a little fun.” Muffled laughter filled the air; dominant masculine tones overriding the dulcet feminine chirps of the woman. She wasn’t alone.

“We would appreciate it if you boys would kindly slide into the backseat while we place these blindfolds on. Jerry here will be taking over the driving for a little while.”

Jerry… Now where had I heard that name before? In fact, the woman’s voice sounded familiar too. A memory twinged at the back of my mind, fighting through the haze of fear and confusion to get through. Jerry… Jerry and… Matilda! That was it. The coldness seeping through my veins turned to ice as I remembered.

Matilda had been after me. She’d wanted Andy all for herself, and would stop at nothing to get him. A few years ago she’d attempted to kidnap me and have her fathers men kill me but I’d been lucky enough to escape. The police had swooped in and arrested her. But it looked like she was out and back on the prowl for her prey – my Andy.

Placing my phone on the counter quietly, I moved into the next room and grabbed the landline to call the police. Now I knew who had taken them and the police should be able to trace them.

* * *

An hour later I sat in the back of a police cruiser as we flew down the highway with the sirens blaring. The dark landscape flew by, illuminated in a brief glow of red and blue. The wide eyes of surprised animals scurried and sought cover as the violent noise penetrated the cold night. They knew where he was. We were going to save him.

Skidding to a stop in front of an old farmhouse, the police cautiously got out of the car, guns at the ready as they prepared to storm the house and extract the boys. The dirt kicked up from the sudden stop in the old driveway helped hide their movements, and the inky night sky further helped to obscure them from prying eyes.

Nose pressed firmly against the glass, I raised my sleeve to wipe away the condensation from my breath as I watched the two men make their way towards the front door, working in tandem to ensure they remained safe. Standing side by side, they covered the door scouting for danger. Before they could do anything, the door swung open and Andy and Nathan came streaming down the front steps in a blur to get away. Matilda followed only a few steps behind, unaware of the authoritative presence dominating her doorstep at the moment. Screaming obscenities at Andy and I, she was apprehended and dragged away to a second police car.

Pulling Andy tightly against me, I marvelled at once again how we were able to escape the evil woman’s clutches. Hopefully this time she would go away for good.


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